Décor Ideas: Creating Romantic Vibes Using Candlelight

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Someone asked me recently – “what is the one piece of décor every wedding should have?”, and I believe it is candles. There is just something so magical and romantic about candlelight, especially at winter weddings. In fact, most weddings begin with a candle lighting ceremony. The couple lights their own individual candle representing their separate lives before marriage. After the vows and the exchanging of the rings, the couple are then invited to both light the centre candle, this symbolises the joining together in marriage. By incorporating candles in the décor throughout the rest of the day, it is a lovely way to create continuity and create a romantic atmosphere.

The following are just a couple ideas that can be used to incorporate candles into your wedding décor.

Hurricane Vases

These vases are so beautiful, they help to create a statement and they are so on trend at the moment. Decorate them with some green foliage such as Ruscus leaves to dress your venues windows, make stunning table centrepieces or use them to decorate your wedding welcome signage.

Remembrance Candles

Candles can create a beautiful symbol for remembering loved ones. A special table, draped with a lace cloth, candles and some flowers can create a lovely setting to honour your loved ones that cannot be present on your wedding day. Image below credit: Pinterest.

Candles for the Top Table

Candles can be used to create a romantic atmosphere for the top table too. I particularity love tall glass candle holders with floating candles for the top table.


Candelabras are the ultimate in romance! They can be left bare or decorated with flowers or even simply draped with fresh ivy to create a dreamy atmosphere. The image below is a picture of our candelabra from our own wedding, created by Every Occassion Florist ♥

Captured by the amazingly talented photographer Trish from Insight Photography

Rustic Theme

For the couple who are looking for a rustic themed wedding, candles can look absolutely amazing when incorporated with rustic timber apple crates. Use different size and shaped glasses to create different textures.

If you would like to find out more about how you can create beautiful candlelit scenes for your wedding day, send me a little message and I would be delighted to chat to you about how you could incorporate some of these settings into your wedding day.

Dee xx

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