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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Wedding signage is currently a major trend for 2020 and is a fantastic way to provide your wedding guests with directions and information such as, the order of the day, your "Love Story" - where you met, your first date and all those fun facts. Wedding signage is also the perfect way to welcome your guests to your big day.

In terms of signage, there are so many options to choose from. For the sustainable bride/groom looking for a rustic vibe to their wedding day, they can welcome their guests with a rustic timber sign using repurposed timber, similar to our rustic timber sign below that we created for one of our recent couples.

For the couple who is seeking a more traditional/ elegant vibe for their wedding day, then a vintage inspired mirror in opulent god or silver with a personalised or meaningful quote to the couple may be the perfect option. A recent bride showed me her beautiful invitations which included a meaningful quote to the couple - "Ever thine, ever mine ever ours", using this quote and their colour scheme, we created a bespoke sign just for them and it was placed at the entrance of the church, so it was the first thing that our bride saw as she walked down the aisle.

For the more contemporary couple looking for a sleek and modern feel to their décor, perspex signage would be the perfect way to achieve this look. The possibilities with perspex signage are endless. They can be used to display a coupe's personal message, maybe a meaningful quote or a welcome message to greet guests with the couples names and the date of their wedding. The perspex sign can be left natural/ translucent to provide a sleek finish or painted in the couples chosen colour palette to incorporate into the wedding theme.

A quirky way to include signage is by using vases and bell jars. These can be used in various ways throughout a wedding. They look stunning when used as table numbers or they can be used to display meaningful quotes to the couple. The image of the bell jar

below is a personalised table number display, the other image of the bell jar is a quote from the Disney film, Beauty & the Beast a "Tale as Old as Time".

There are numerous uses for signage at a wedding, the following is just a small example of what they can be used for,

♡ Welcoming wedding guests.

♡ To direct guests to different ares in the venue.

♡ Bar signage - to display the drinks reception cocktail menu.

♡ For the candy cart table - to create a cute sign such as "Love is sweet, please take a treat".

♡ For the cake table - with a quote like "Let them eat cake".

♡To direct your guests to the Photo Booth.

The following are just a few examples of quotes that can be used for wedding signage,

♡And so the adventure begins

♡The party starts here

♡Welcome to our wedding

♡Here's to forever

♡Eat, drink and be married

♡Let the night be Gin

♡Save water, drink champagne

♡All you need is love, and cake

♡Time to drink champagne and dance on the tables

♡The best is yet to come

♡It was always you

We at Elderwoods just love to create bespoke signage, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss signage or any décor for your wedding day.

Dee xx

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